Important Information Regarding SYBA

UpdatedTuesday August 1, 2017 byErica Rumpca.

Dear Parents and Players,

It with great sadness that Silverton Youth Basketball board announces our intent to dissolve the SYBA organization.

It has been the mission and privilege of this board to serve the community by helping to create an encouraging and competitive place for our kids to learn and play basketball.   At this time, the  board feels that we are no longer in the position to provide this service.

Silverton Youth Basketball Association will not be having a season this winter, and will dissolve as an organization.  All current board members have fulfilled their terms and have chosen to resign at this time for personal reasons.

A sincere thank you to the many parents who volunteered their time, energy and abilities to work with us to make each year a success.  Thank you parents for encouraging your kids to play this great game. Thank you to those who coached, planned and organized teams, helped prepare and clean gyms, drive kids to games and for being a positive influence inside and outside the gym.

If anyone is interested in coming to a meeting to hear and brainstorm what the future of youth basketball might be for this town, or if  you have questions, we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact the board via our Facebook page that will be open until October 1st.